Our Services

Giving you peace of mind is fundamental to us, knowing your children are comfortable. We are able to adapt to their specific needs.


Our menus, made with the flavour of home cooking, are famous in the community. Each of them is endorsed by a nutrition professional and our restaurant team cooks with love in each preparation and provides a warm service for each student.

Snacks and lunches are nutritious, balanced and delicious.

Special menus according to the parents’ request or medical recommendation.

Food Committee with parents, teachers, students, food Chief and chef.

More than 15 control procedures to guarantee the quality of the food.

Lunch and Snack Menu of the Week

Richmond Store

The Richmond Store is your trusted school shop, where you’ll find everything you need for your learning journey. From school uniforms to books and supplies, we’re here to support you in your educational path. Visit us and experience the convenience of having everything in one place!

Snack Bar

The complement to our food service has soft drinks and nutritious snacks. Students can pay after each purchase or have an authorized snack that is charged to their monthly account.


Growth brings some scrapes that we are ready to attend to. In charge of a Professional Nurse Specialist in Health and Safety at Work, this space is equipped to provide immediate attention and first aid.

Special accompaniment and administration of formulated medicines.

Emergency support in case of transfer or additional assessment needs.

Complete confidentiality on file and update of clinical history.


The road to and from home is an extension of the school. For your peace of mind, as well as attentive, trained and experienced staff, we have a GPS system that allows you to follow the route and communicate with it from an app on your cell phone.


An integral formation is only achieved with an articulated work between family and school.
The Phidias platform, our 24/7 communication channel with parents, keeps you informed about the development and processes of your children.

  • Monitoring of special accompaniments in food or health.
  • State of academic assignments and extracurricular activities.
  • Review of the results of the evaluation processes.
  • Direct communication with teachers and school directors.
  • Activities and information of interest to the community.