The interests and passions that move your children begin to take hold in this stage of school life. That’s why we supply them what they are interested in, at the same time we encourage them to explore other ideas and activities.

Active Students

At our school, we prioritize the Teaching for Understanding model, which prioritizes experience as the foundation of the learning process. Rather than just repeating and memorizing information, our students engage in critical thinking, investigation, and hands-on experiences to gain a deeper understanding of the world around them.

Learning by projects

Putting knowledge into practice is the foundation of our teaching. The STEM model helps us to do it in an innovative way, through exciting projects that combine science, mathematics, engineering and technology to solve problems.

Custom accompaniment

Growing up is a dynamic process that brings ups and downs included. School counseling allows each student to be permanently accompanied in their academic evolution, emotional development and social relationships

Emphasis on Technologies

Instead of just using technology we want students to understand how it works, discover its potential, learn to program it and use it to shape the world of tomorrow.

Emphasis in Arts

Through different techniques such as painting, sculpture or collage, we encourage artistic exploration so that children express themselves openly, release their sensitivity and shape their ideas.

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