The beginning of school life is a period of amazement, which should be revealing and exciting every day. That’s why we encourage curiosity and accompany your children to discover the world through their own interests.

Student protagonists
/ student centered learning

The pedagogy inspired by the Reggio Emilia model puts the student at the center of all processes and is the basis of our model. We give spaces, tools and guides to develop ideas and projects but it is each child who investigates, experiences, discovers and constructs their own knowledge.

Learning by projects

Putting knowledge into practice is the foundation of our teaching. The STEM model helps us to do that innovatively, through exciting projects that combine science, mathematics, engineering and technology to solve problems.

Custom accompaniment

All children discover the world at their own pace and in their own way. Keeping small courses allows each student to be accompanied in their academic development, make friends and grow happily in a safe environment.

Emphasis on Technologies

We specialize in children using technology, responsibly, understanding how it works and making them tools for creation, communication and collaborative learning.

Emphasis in Arts

Through different techniques such as painting, sculpture or collage, we encourage artistic exploration so that children express themselves openly, release their sensitivity and shape their ideas.

Let us help you

If you are interested in getting a preschool space for your child, our admissions counsellor is happy to get in touch with you with all the details.
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