Referral Plan

You are our best reference,

That’s why we recognize and reward your trust

Dear Richmond parents,

We value the positive experiences and happy stories that you have shared about our school, and we understand that you would like to extend this exceptional educational experience to your acquaintances, family members, friends, contacts, and associates. That is why we would like to introduce you to the CBR Referral Plan. By reading the Referral Regulations available on this page, you can learn about how we recognize and reward your trust when you suggest us as the best option for educating children and youth in your environment.

If you have any names to suggest or introduce to us, we invite you to fill out the registration form available on this page. This will help us move forward with the admission processes for the families you refer, ensuring that their children receive the same exceptional education that your children have received.

At Richmond, your children are in the best hands!