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About us

In the Bilingual School Richmond we live an educational environment that promotes the development of our students as well as the enjoyment of their school stage.

At the Richmond Bilingual School we form happy and empathetic citizens with the character to do the right thing and the capabilities of critical reasoning and creative thinking; developed through inquiry, critical reading and effective communication.


An international education for the global citizens of tomorrow.


To be “An Ideal Place to Grow,” an international school that meets high quality standards; an educational community that Develops Thought, Promotes Peace and Empowers Hands to Lead and Serve.



Our school is run by educators with aptitude for service, extensive experience in educational environments and international postgraduate studies in different areas. With them the school and your children are in the best hands.

Human quality

Avant-garde vision

International experience

Humanistic training

Shared values


Our teachers are trained professionals to accompany individual processes and enhance the abilities and interests of your children. They accompany their evolution at every step and record progress throughout the process.

Human quality

Pedagogical experience

Professional ethics

Constant formation

Shared values

loris Malaguzzi

Loris Malaguzzi

“The child has a hundred languages, a hundred hands, a hundred thoughts, a hundred ways of thinking, playing and speaking, one hundred always a hundred ways to listen, to surprise, to love, a hundred joys to sing and understand.” Loris Malaguzzi