Certifications and accreditations

Our educational model is based on international quality standards. And like your children, we also grow and learn every day. Our international accreditation allows us to deliver a double degree as Colombian and American graduate. Our program builds on character development in emotional, social and academic settings. Our academic model of debate and critical thinking that reflects by the United Nations dynamics. Our technology development program is to solve problems from video games.

SACS – Advanced (Now Cognia)

The SACS-AdvancED accreditation (-Now Cognia- the world’s largest educational community) guarantees that your children are being educated by following international education standards.

This accreditation because:

  • We guarantee the quality of resources and processes that lead to academic excellence.
  • We make sure of the professional capacity of the teachers and the managerial staff.
  • We offer an international curriculum with advanced courses (Advanced Placement).
  • We participate in training and development events with accredited schools in +74 countries.
  • We offer an educational program based on the most modern research in education in the world.

Great Place to Study

Great Place to Study is an international certification that measures the satisfaction of the educational community and the happiness of its students.

What Indicators does Great Place to Study measure?

  • Learning experience

  • Infrastructure

  • Life on campus

  • Extracurricular activities

  • Happiness factor

We have the
support of:

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