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Each stage of a schooling career has its own challenges. Let us tell you how we form values ​​and build thinking skills in each of them.

An ideal place to grow

Welcome to CBR! We are excited to invite you to explore some of the incredible experiences and environments that students and faculty enjoy as members of the Richmond Family. In this short video, you will catch a glimpse of what it’s like to grow up and thrive in this vibrant community of learners.

What day is it at the CBR?

In this calendar, you can quickly locate the academic day number (from 1 to 6) corresponding to each date.


Young children possess a natural inclination towards curiosity, which serves as the driving force behind their quest for knowledge and exploration. As a result, we guide them through their initial steps on the path towards inquiry and discovery.


Theoretical knowledge found in books differs significantly from practical experience in the real world. At our institution, we recognize this distinction and focus on developing skills and stimulating interests through project-based learning.

Middle and High School

Standing on the threshold of an important milestone for one’s future is a thrilling experience. At our institution, we strive to empower citizens in a thoughtful and accountable manner.

Projects Gallery

Here, you will have the opportunity to witness some of the remarkable products and projects that our students have created to apply their theoretical knowledge and solve real-world problems.

Parents and Alumni testimonials

“Every process of education seeks excellence, and the School has always pursued it for its students. Throughout the years, it has shown structural transformations in the thinking of our children, achieving well-rounded individuals with principles and values that will enable them to thrive in a more competitive world and achieve the dream of our children.”

Milena Tibaquirá, Mom

“The years at Richmond School were incredible! I grew, learned, and built friendships that will last a lifetime. Make the most of every class, every opportunity, and don’t be afraid to be yourselves.

Today, I am studying Business Management at Florida International University, my dream university, thanks to the international certifications provided by CBR, my bilingual education, and the academic achievements I attained in school. Additionally, I secured a sports scholarship based on my skills as a soccer player.

I believe that the key to success lies in enjoying the process and learning from every experience that CBR naturally offers.

Make the most of your time at Bilingual Richmond School and build a bright future!”

Natalia Navia S., Former Student | Business Management Student | Florida International University - USA

“CBR represented the opportunity to approach different areas of study in a didactic and dynamic way. In short, it represented the academic, sports and social integrity that a student needs in their preparation for their academic and professional life. It was the place for mental development that I needed to be who I am today, because I went through difficult situations and resounding successes that helped me develop critical thinking skills. Because of this, I consider the Richmond Bilingual School to be an excellent education for me”.

Juan Camilo Laborde, Former Student | Summa Cum Laude - Universidad de los Andes

“​It is an institution that is projecting the students to the future, educating responsible children with the ability to solve the different challenges that awaits them, but always having the values as main objective ​​sown into them from their academic and personal education. And in this the relationship between school and family plays a very important role”.

Rocío Velandia, Mom

“My time in the CBR meant great personal and academic growth. There I had experiences that have contributed to my training as a professional and these are the ones that have contributed to my character and determination. This stage will always be a fundamental piece in my life because it is full of magical memories with unforgettable people. And the human warmth, the appreciation and love which I have been received at school is one of the many reasons why I will always consider the Richmond Bilingual School as a second home”.

Laura Ortiz, Former Student

Community Resources

At our institution, we strive to provide both students and parents with the necessary tools to enhance the learning process and foster a strong relationship with the school. We offer a comprehensive array of academic, administrative, and communication resources to support our community

Academic Resources

Broaden your horizons, expand your knowledge, and sharpen your skills with our simulation tools across diverse areas of study.

Gain access to our platform, designed to connect parents and students with school administrators and teachers.

Access to a range of functionalities to streamline your educational experience, including access to Outlook Email, Teams, Class Notebook, OneNote, OneDrive, Planner, Forms, Sway, Visio, Project, Video Stream, Office Professional 2016, and more.

Make secure payments from the comfort of your own home using the Phidias platform.


Expand your knowledge and continue your academic pursuits by accessing digital encyclopedias and engaging in a variety of educational activities.

Programming and 3D Design

Gain easy access to the most crucial online 3D design and programming platforms with just your username and password. These platforms not only enable you to save all your designs and programs but also provide solutions to various problems you encounter along the way.

Certifications and accreditations

At our school, we adhere to international quality standards, providing an educational model that is both rigorous and forward-thinking. And just like our students, we strive to grow and learn each day, constantly adapting and improving to ensure the best possible outcomes for our community.

Thanks to our international accreditation, we are able to offer a dual degree program that awards both a Colombian and American graduate degree. This unique opportunity provides students with a valuable cross-cultural perspective and a competitive edge in today’s global job market.

We are proud to be part of the Top 50 Great Schools in Colombia, thanks to our Great Place to Study international certification. This prestigious certification measures the satisfaction levels of our educational community and the happiness of our students. It is a testament to our commitment to providing a positive and enriching learning environment for all.

Support programs and rankings

Our community support programs are designed to bring together effective practices, strategies, and tools that enable and guide all members towards happiness and personal growth in this “Ideal Place to Grow.” As part of our ongoing efforts to improve educational dynamics, we constantly measure our performance through various studies, reports, and rankings of secondary and higher education institutions in the country.

The TYQUY program is a comprehensive set of practices and strategies aimed at fostering the emotional development of our students.

Sapiens Research is a distinguished consulting firm that specializes in publishing studies, reports, and classifications on the educational and research dynamics of secondary and higher education institutions in Colombia.

Our Community

At our school, students from pre-kindergarten to 12th grade are divided into four fraternity houses, creating a sense of belonging and community among them. This large family fosters engagement in various recreational, academic, and sports activities, making the learning experience more enjoyable and enriching.