Our School

Each stage of a schooling career has its own challenges. Let us tell you how we form values ​​and build thinking skills in each of them.

An ideal place to grow

Welcome to CBR, we invite you to see in this short video some of the experience you live and the place where you grow up when you are part of the Richmond Family


Young children have a natural impulse called curiosity. Thus we take the first steps in the path of inquiry and experience.


One thing is the theory of books and another is the world of practice. Thus we develop skills and awaken interests through projects.

Middle and High School

Being in the anteroom of a decisive step for the future is exciting. Thus we strengthen citizens in a conscientious and responsible manner.

Projects Gallery

In this place you will be able to visualize some of the products and projects through which students solve problems and put theory into practice.

Richmond News

Parents and Alumni testimonials

“All training processes seek excellence and the school has always provided that for its students, this stage with the principal Hernando José has shown structural changes in the thinking of our children, achieving integrity, with principles and values ​​that will allow them to develop in a more competitive world and achieve the dreams of our children”.

Milena Tibaquirá, Mom

“CBR represented the opportunity to approach different areas of study in a didactic and dynamic way. In short, it represented the academic, sports and social integrity that a student needs in their preparation for their academic and professional life. It was the place for mental development that I needed to be who I am today, because I went through difficult situations and resounding successes that helped me develop critical thinking skills. Because of this, I consider the Richmond Bilingual School to be an excellent education for me”.

Juan Camilo Laborde, Former Student | Summa Cum Laude - Universidad de los Andes

“​It is an institution that is projecting the students to the future, educating responsible children with the ability to solve the different challenges that awaits them, but always having the values as main objective ​​sown into them from their academic and personal education. And in this the relationship between school and family plays a very important role”.

Rocío Velandia, Mom

“My time in the CBR meant great personal and academic growth. There I had experiences that have contributed to my training as a professional and these are the ones that have contributed to my character and determination. This stage will always be a fundamental piece in my life because it is full of magical memories with unforgettable people. And the human warmth, the appreciation and love which I have been received at school is one of the many reasons why I will always consider the Richmond Bilingual School as a second home”.

Laura Ortiz, Former Student

Community Resources

Whether you are a student or parent, we want to give you the tools to enrich your learning process and facilitate your relationship with the school. Here are all our academic, administrative and communication resources.

Academic Resources

Enhance your learning, increase your knowledge and practice with simulation tools in different areas of knowledge.

Access the platform that connects parents and students with school directives and teachers.

Access to Outlook Email, Teams – Class Notebook and One Note, One Drive, Planner, Forms, Sway, Visio, Project, Video – Stream, Office Professional 2016 and other functionalities.

Make secure payments without leaving home through Phidias platform


Access digital encyclopedias and carry out academic activities to continue increasing your knowledge.

Programming and 3D Design

Easily access, with your username and password, the most important online 3D Design and Programming platforms that allow you to save all the designs and programs you create and solve.

Certifications and accreditations

Our educational model is based on international quality standards.
And like your children, we also grow and learn every day.

Our international accreditation allows us to deliver a double degree as Colombian and American graduate.

Great Place to Study is an international certification that measures the educational community satisfaction levels and the happiness of its students. Thanks to this certification we are part of the Top 50 Great Schools Colombia.

Support programs and rankings

The different support programs for our community bring together the practices, strategies and tools that allow and guide all its members to be happy in this “Ideal Place to Grow”.

We are continuously measuring our performance to improve the dynamics of education. To do this we rely on different types of studies, reports and classifications of the country’s secondary and higher education institutions.

The TYQUY program is a set of practices and strategies for the emotional formation of our students.

Sapiens Research is a consulting firm that stands out for publishing studies, reports and classifications on the dynamics of education and research in secondary and higher education institutions in Colombia.

Our Community

From pre-kindergarten to 12th grade each student belongs to one of 4 fraternity houses.
It is a large family that integrates the community in recreational, academic and sports activities.